Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Partner has Received!

Yay, my partner 'roses are red' has received her package so I feel it is safe to post the things that I have made for her.

Keeping in mind this was a 5 senses swap. The first thing that I made was for sight. Its a crocheted psychotic tomato. The pattern is from

The second thing I made was for the sense of taste. I'm not sure how this came to me but the idea was all my own. Its a popsicle making kit. Complete with a recipe for dripless popsicles.

The kool aid, jell-o and the recipe are in this painted cherry box.

Then I went on to make something for the sense of smell. I had made some of these last year for our Christmas sale and they turned out so well, that I just had to do them again. Cherry Soda Bath Fizz. The recipe is from

Amy made a mixed CD called the Red Playlist. A bunch of age appropriate songs (my partner is only 20) that had 'red' in the title.

The hardest thing for me to come up with was touch. Go figure. So seeing that my girl had a keyboard purse listed on her wist, I started to knit a keyboard, not knowing what I would do with it. Well, I ended up turning it into a pillow, and I also made a matching sleep mask.

This has been yet another great swap for me. I've yet to receive my package but I'm sure it will be great.

(Hmmm, am having trouble uploading images of pillow and sleep mask. Will try in another post)

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ladylinoleum said...

Kelly, your mato is awesome! If you send me a pic and a little story I would be happy to add him or her to the Tomato Gallery...