Monday, July 14, 2008

Drum Carding

Can you tell how enthusiastic I am about spinning. 5 posts this month. I blame it all on the tour.

So, I'm leasing a drumcarder from a lady who isn't sure she has a use for it anymore. She was doing some pretty funky stuff with it. She was spinning caribou hair (mixed with wool), knitting it up, then felting it. It was a giant experiment involving the Labrador craft marketers group. They ended up using a commericial felter in the end and forgoing the knitting part. Anyway the carder was a mess of caribou hair and gummy who knows what. So yesterday, I spent the better part of two hours cleaning the thing. Then, I carded my very first batt! I feel like a new mom.

Take a look!

Pretty filthy pre cleaning eh? I now have it on my kitchen table and there it will stay since Kev is out of town for at least a couple of weeks. I've had this carder in my possession since April and only now am using it. I really didn't want a big dirty drum carder on my kitchen table. Kev would not be amused.

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