Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally, Some Colour!

So after plodding away on the ever so boring natural corriedale, I've finished a bobbinful. And hurrah for me because I haven't got loads and loads left over on one bobbin after plying. Usually I find it hard to judge if my bobbins are even and if the will equal out when plying. But this time it seemed to work very well. There was no method to my madness, just pure dumb luck. (See my post on the partridgeberry rag yarn to know how much I am ususally off).

I'm still hoping to spin enough for the Gaelic Mist sweater, but I'm not certain that I'll have enough yardage. Kev has promised to make me a niddy noddy tommorrow (keeping fingers crossed), so at least I'll have a decent way to estimate yardage. Right now my yardage estimation involves wrapping around a photo albulm (a la yarn harlot)

So, as my reward for all that boring stuff, I've predrafted this.

Lovely id'n it?

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