Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning

You know, like Dorie off of Finding Nemo. Well, she was swimming, but that little tune has been going through my head as spinning is all I seem to want to do in my spare time.

Here is some more proof of my productivity. I present to you 'Sour Candy' and 'Strawberry Slushie'. Why all my yarn seems to be named after food lately I don't know.

I am particularly proud of Sour Candy and this came from my first go at the drum carder. I must say as intimidating as that machine looks, it is alot of fun to work with.

I'm so tempted to give up on the natural corriedale and just start dyeing it and carding it and having fun with it. But, I did set a goal for myself. Arrrgh!

1 comment:

Dot said...

this stuff is great! i'm in awe of people who can make cool yarn :)

hey - I'd love to see your results on the shrinkies... send me a link!