Friday, November 14, 2008

Anyone Remember Finnegan?

Well, I've made a green Finnegan. You know, the grey hand puppet dog from the old 'Mr. Dressup' series. Its a Canadian thing.

He came about by accident. As you can likely tell, he is made from a sock, a hand knit sock. The other sock was felted. On Ravelry, I'm participating in the 'Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup'. I'm taking transfiguration this month. The assignment was to 'transfigure' a WIP or a thrift store find using steeking, embroidery, sewing etc. into something else. Well, here is my something else. I like him.

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Annette said...

OMG! I remember Finnegan! But I used to call him Binnegan...had trouble with my F's apparently when I was younger. Now he needs a sock Casey. Anyway, great job, and thanks for the flashback!