Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I have a new computer!

Lalalalala! Yes thats me singing. I'm so happy. Pictures load so quickly. Now, I have to get my good camera back from repairs at the Future shop, but I'm hopeful. In the meantime, my old standby camera will suffice.

I've finally bitten the bullet and have decided to actually work with my handspun. I'm knitting the sea and surf scarf from Interweave's Spin Off magazine. I do believe this pattern is available free somewhere on the internet too. It really highlights handspun yarn very well I think.

I also finished my sock club socks.

They are called Flying South, and they are in Fleece Artist. I love them. I got my second installment of sock club yarn too. It is droolworthy.

The pattern that came this month is called 'Twisted Licorice'. Its a nice cabled rib pattern. I will be casting on shortly. This is my first sock club and I'm really enjoying it. It is so nice getting surprise yarn in the mail. So far I have loved the two skeins that I've been sent.

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