Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I just can't stop!

I have seriously fallen in love with spindle spinning. Ever since I bought Abby Franquemont's new book Respect the Spindle. In the book, Abby says that your productivity will go up and maybe even increase above what you are able to produce on a wheel. I believe it. I'm less likely to haul out my wheel, but I have no hesitation about spindling for 5 minutes here and there. I'm getting better too. My singles are more consistent, and I'm dropping my drop spindle less and less. Though I did drop it - point side down - on Spencer twice in the past half hour - don't say I didn't get the look from him.

Knitting olympic update - vest is progressing nicely. I'm less tangled and my tension is ...er...okay I guess. Well, you be the judge. It looks like argyl doesn't it? Then, I'm happy.

And belated Valentines greetings. Here is my Max enjoying his Vday cupcake. Cutie. Loves him, I do.

I will close this blog post with absolute, concrete proof that we are in the throws of some serious global warming here in Labrador. This is a picture of the mighty Churchill (or Hamilton or Grand depending upon your political views) River.

This was taken yesterday. Now, its not broken up or anything, but I certainly would not venture ou on it on skidoo or anything else for that matter. Its February for crying out loud. Old Man Winter - when I said we needed a break, I didn't mean a permanent break. I want you back okay. I'm not too proud to beg. Remember, we just bought a new Skidoo in November. I've been on it once! Thats what happens when I do something in anticipation of enjoying our cold weather. The same thing happened the year we bought the snow plough. (Not that I consider ploughing snow enjoyment). We didn't get hardly any snow.

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