Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Update

I watched the opening ceremonies last evening. They were gorgeous and moving. My step daughter Aimee was telling me that 'a rumour' was circulating on the internet that Arnold Swartzenager would be the final torch bearer and lighting the cauldron. I knew this was wrong and I insisted there was no way a non Canadian would be bringing in the torch. In my mind, it would have to be a great Canadian - a great Canadia athlete - like Wayne Gretzky, I told her. I was beyond excited and more than a little smug to be right.

As soon as the ceremonies began, I began the knitting olympics. I cast on for my vest. A provisional cast on. Note that I didn't swatch (gasp). I decided to cast on for the largest size and immediately regreted it. It was humungous. I ripped it out and recast on 2 sizes down. I may regret this too, but hey, it'll fit someone right? Besides, I've started a Christmas box. More about that later.

My vest is argyl, knit in peices from the bottom up, with intarsia blocks of colour. What a tangled mess I had after the first hour or so. I immediately went out this morning and bought some little plastic bobbins to wind the yarn onto rather than having whole skeins tangled up. Here is how it looks so far.

So, onto the Christmas gift box idea. I've decided that throughout 2010, I will knit various small projects that appeal to me as a knitter. They will be random projects for no one in particular. Then come next Christmas, I will decide if any of these projects will be appropriate for anyone on my gift list. This probably isnt' the most efficient way of gift knitting, but I like the idea of knitting what I like. So far, I have 3 different things in the Christmas gift box. Here they are, in no particular order.

Hmmm, interesting. Until now, I didn't realize they were all for the neck. This larger shawl thingy was something that has been languishing for over a year now, I think. Its from Knitpicks Suri dream, and was an absolute nightmare to knit. Its a brushed alpaca and it was so hard keeping the stitch count straight on such a hairy yarn.
Here is a rusched cowl. I really enjoyed knitting this, and it just flew off of the needles. The yarn is Merisoft by Punta Yarns. The pattern is a freebie called Tamarind Cowl.

And finally here is a little neck kerchief made with my handspun. The pattern is from Joelle Hoverson's book Knitted Gifts. I own many knitting books. Some would say an alarming number really. I have knit 5 projects from this book! I love this book, alot. Its been in my aresnal for some time now, and I keep going back to it.

And speaking of too many knitting books, Greg gave me an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas. I bought 1 knitting book All New Homespun Knits and spinning book called Respect the Spindle. I really want to be a better spindle spinner. I think with the help of this book, I'll get the hang of it. Here is what I've done so far.
I want to share with you a little prize that I won from entering a blog contest. This little cutie was knitted by this lady. She has an etsy store too. Definitly worth checking out. Her patterns are cute.

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