Friday, March 27, 2009

Ugly Easter Candy

You remember them right? There was always a handful of them at the bottom of the Easter basket, tucked away - camouflaged in the plastic Easter grass. Those ugly, sickly sweet jellied eggs of such nastiness that I shudder now at the memory of eating one. Well, that's what this yarn reminds me of. Nonetheless, I do like the yarn. I won't be eating it mind you, but I do like the colours. Perhaps I'll knit a Easter Basket out of it. Anyone know a good pattern for a basket?

Some more eye candy for you all. I present the most gorgeous critter in my house, on my street, in my town even. Yes, I'd venture to say this is the most gorgeous critter in all of Labrador. I just gave him a hair cut, something I don't like to do and he doesn't like to receive. But cuteness abounds. I love him.

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